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Magnetic Stirrer, 3L (SH-3)

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Analog Magnetic Stirrer Hotplate

The Fristaden Lab SH-3's analog stirring and heating elements can be used together or by themselves, giving you more precise results and greater control over your laboratory and at-home heating and stirring projects.

Built from high-quality materials, the American-brand Fristaden Lab SH-3 can work continuously up to 4 hours on high and 8 hours on low. Each unit is tested and inspected for quality before it is shipped to our customers. 

Powerful Heating

The Fristaden Lab SH-3 Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate has a powerful, 500W heating element with 49-350℃ temperature range. The aluminum plate enables even heat disbursement and can hold a large 3000mL of liquid volume. The stirrer includes an adjustable temperature sensor bracket that easily mounts to the back of the machine.

Flexible Speed

The magnetic mixer has a 100-1600rpm speed range that’s flexible and easy to control depending on your project’s needs. The stirrer’s strong magnetic field holds the stir bar firmly in place.

High Performance

The hot plate mixer has dual analog controls and can independently controls heating and stirring for more precise results. The stirring and heating elements can be used together or by themselves, giving you even more control over your projects. The machine can work continuously up to 4 hours on high and 8 hours on low and has a liquid heating time of 20-30 minutes.

High Quality

The Fristaden Lab magnetic stirrer hot plate mixer is built from lab quality materials. The design is strong and study and built to last. The machine includes a magnetic stir bar; an extra fuse; an adjustable temperature sensor bracket; a USA power cord; and an easy-to-understand user manual for fast and easy set-up.

Compact Design 

The SH-3 is compact and can fit on most desks, benchtops or other workspaces. The stirrer is user intuitive with easy control buttons. The stirrer hotplate can be set up in under 5 minutes and comes with a detailed, easy-to-understand instruction manual.

Popular Uses

The Fristaden Lab SH-3 magnetic stirrer hot plate is designed for the lab. It can be used in private or commercial scientific, chemical, biological, industrial and agricultural laboratories, as well as in educational laboratories, such as high school and university labs.

The magnetic hotplate can also be used for DIY or at-home projects, such as home brewing, yeast mixing, e-juice and vape mixing, aromatherapy and essential oil mixing, and other liquid mixing.

If you do use the machine to mix edible liquid, we recommend using food-safe FDA-approved magnetic stir bars (Ours are not FDA approved, but a standard PTFE teflon stir bar.


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Model: SH-3
Brand: Fristaden Lab  
Capacity: 3000mL
Stirring Speed: 100-1600rpm
Temperature: 49°C-350°C
Heating Power: 500W
Heating Time: 20-30min
Usage: 4 hours low speed, 8 hours high speed
Voltage: 110V, 50/60Hz
Hot Plate Dimensions: 170mm x 170mm
Unit Dimensions: 260mm x 170mm x 125mm
Unit Weight: 3kg
Warranty: 1 Year

  • Fristaden Lab SH-3
  • Thermometer Holder (320mm)
  • Stir Bar (25mm)
  • Extra Fuse
  • USA Power Cord
  • User Manual

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