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Fristaden Lab is an American-brand lab and scientific equipment retailer founded in Chicago, Illinois. We employ a number of warehouses, located across the United States and Europe, to stock and deliver products to thousands of our American and international customers. 

Our co-founders personally manage all of our departments from customer service to advertising, social media and product development. They read customer reviews and work closely with manufacturers and designers to improve our both existing and new products. At Fristaden Lab, we stand behind all of our products by offering a one year to lifetime warranties, 30-day returns, and a responsive customer service team dedicated to assisting our customers. Whether you are an individual or a buyer for a private and commercial business or an education institution, we look forward to assisting you too. 

Julius & Jenneke 
Co-Founders of Fristaden Lab

Fristaden Lab
Fristaden & Company, LLC
401 Ryland St., Ste. 200-A
Reno, Nevada 89502
United States of America


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