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I think there are two types of people. People who would want to look right. And people who would rather be right.

We built a business for people who want to be right. The scientists, creators and businesspeople who use our equipment don’t have time for appearances. Their work depends on accuracy and trial and error.

So does our work. A bad review will kill one of our products. We wouldn't offer a full 1 year warranty if our machines broke often. Ugly design, poor instructions or bad customer services wastes our customers time and costs us ours. After all, both my co-owner and I hear about every single problem that comes up.

Fristaden Lab is rooted in fundamentals - in doing right by our customers. Things like: Fast, free shipping; Intuitive controls and detailed instructions; Responsive customer support; Products that are accurate and don’t break; Fair pricing.

When you open your Fristaden Lab order know that every detail - the shipping speed, the color, the instructions, the design - is an honest reflection of our drive to perfect our craft. It’s the culmination of thousands of actions designed to better fit our products and services to our customers needs.

-Julius Parod, Owner and Founder