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Counting Scale Instructions


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Quick Start Guide

Change Units (g, kg, oz, lb)

Press and hold MC or UNITS for 3 seconds.*
*Depending on the model.

Counting Function

Add at least 10 units to the pan. Enter the number of pieces placed on the pan on keypad. The number will be displayed next to 'g'. Press PCS | SET Add more pieces and the scale will count them.

Avoid User Error

Larger Initial Samples = Accurate Results Pcs. Weight <0.3g = Not Accurate. Pcs. Weight 0.3g-0.5g = Use 50+ pcs sample for counting function. Pcs. Weight: >0.5g = Use 10+ pcs sample for counting function.

NOTE: If there is a large difference in unit weight, the counting function will not be accurate. Please only use near-identical parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to calibrate the balance? No, the counting scale has been tested and calibrated at the factory. We recommend calibrating the balance once per year.

Is a calibration weight included? Unfortunately, due to high-shipping costs, to keep this scale affordable, we are not able to include a calibration weight with the unit. Calibration weights can be purchased separately. The calibration weight must be at least 20% of the capacity (for example, 6kg for a 30kg scale).

What piece weight is accurate? Please review the following examples: Pcs. Weight <0.3g = Not Accurate. Pcs. Weight 0.3g-0.5g = Use 50+ pcs sample for counting function. Pcs. Weight: >0.5g = Use 10+ pcs sample for counting function.

Does the balance have a battery option? Yes, the balance has a battery option for fieldwork or when power is not available. Due to shipping restrictions, we are unable to include the battery with the unit. The battery (DJW6-4 (6v 4.0 AH)) can be purchased separately.

Does the balance have a RS232 connection? Yes, the balance has a RS232 printer/computer connection port. Please note, the connection cable and printer must be purchased separately.

Will the balance power-off automatically? If the scale is powered via the AC power adapter, then it will not turn off automatically and will have to be turned off manually. On battery power, it will shut down after not being used for a while to conserve power.

What is included with the counting scale? Each counting scale includes a standard three-prong USA power cord and a user manual.


Rigorous Testing --- Every American Fristaden Lab industrial counting scale undergoes a rigorous quality control testing process. We test for margin of error, linearity, repeatability, and four points testing. The balance is calibrated at the factory and ready to use out-of the box.
Sensitive Load Cell --- The counting scale is equipped with a sensitive, lab-quality load cell. The load cell is mounted on aluminum as opposed to plastic as aluminum is more stable. Overload guards, sounded by an alarm, protect the load cell from overload or shock loads.
High Precision, High Divisions --- The Fristaden Lab balance has 0.5g precision; the linearity error is ±1.5g. The balance has 350,000 divisions. A division means the scale is sensitive to 1/350,000 changes in capacity.
Check Weighing Function --- The balance has check weighing function to simplify inventory management. With the check weighing function, the scale will tell you if there are too many or two few pieces (or weights) in a piece of inventory further avoiding miscounts. Other features include: PCS/SET, WT/SET, ZERO, TAR, ALARM, CE, P, M+, MC.
Designed for Accuracy --- Adjustable feet and a built-in level ensure the balance is level on uneven surfaces. The weighing pan, built from strong double-layer stainless steel, is adjustable and can be quickly flipped turning it into a tray to hold small parts. The exterior is constructed from tough, corrosion-resistant ABS plastic for additional strength and durability. The design prevents wind and draft issues. Under normal daily use in your business or workspace, the Fristaden Lab Counting Scale can last up to five to ten years.
Training to Eliminate User Error --- Each Fristaden Lab balance is equipment with an upgraded user manual written by native English speakers to instruct the user how to operate the balance correctly. Additionally, we’ve created instructional videos. User error can contribute to a loss of accuracy with these type of balances; by training the user correctly, we can further minimize error.
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