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Stir Bar (3cm)

Stir Bar (3cm)

  • $10.99

  • This Shape Helps To Create A Vortex To The Bottom Of The Container.
  • This Magnetic Stir Bar Included A Molded Layer Of Ptfe (Teflon), Which Is Not Reactive For Many Liquids
  • The Stir Bar Spins On The Bottom Of The Container To Disperse Sediment and Air Bubbles
  • Ptfe Is Inert To Most Chemicals, Making It Perfect To Us With Numerous Applications In Life Science, Chemistry, Or Your Home Lab
  • Our Magnetic Stir Bar Creates A Mixing Vortex That Can Be Used On Numerous Mediums

Premium Quality Cross Shaped Magnetic Stir Bar

This stir bar brought to you by Fristaden Lab is the magnetic bar placed in liquid that creates a stirring action. This stir bar is a magnet that is encased in material that won’t react with the fluid it is immersed in. The stir bar's moves because it is driven by a separate rotating magnet or built in mechanism composed of electromagnets within in the stirrer device. This stir bar is coated in Teflon. The Teflon (PTFE) coating is chemically inert, can easily be combined or used with various chemicals, helping the device to reduce friction. This Cross shape magnetic stir bar creates a vortex motion to the bottom of the device, providing more stability and less vibration than single stir bars.

Usages for Magnetic Stir Bars

Magnetic stir bars are coated magnets used to stir liquids in a sealed container. They can stir fluids without requiring an opening in the container. They are a popular way of stirring liquids in modestly sized containers. Magnetic stirrers are used in chemistry and biology research, especially in medicine. Home brewers often use them to help make a yeast starter.