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JoanLab HS-12 Analog Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer 2L, 100-1400rpm

JoanLab HS-12 Analog Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer 2L, 100-1400rpm

  • $136.00

  • LARGE CAPACITY - JoanLab by Fristaden Lab HS-12 Magnetic Stirrer with analog hot plate has a large 2000mL Capacity
  • DESIGNED FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE - the temperature hot plate magnetic stirrer offers 180W of heating power and a maximum temperature of 350°C
  • CONTROLLED SPEED - this integrated magnetic stirrer is dual controlled with a 100-1400rpm stirring speed for better results
  • QUALITY MANUFACTURER - our products are made to the highest standards from the best quality materials to ensure you have the perfect tools to complete your projects effectively
  • WORRY-FREE - this product has a 1 year return policy which means you can experience your magnetic stirrer completely risk-free

Designed by JoanLab, sold by Fristaden Lab, this HS-12 model analog Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate independently controls temperature and stirring speed. The 120 by 120 millimeter Stirring Hot Plate has a 180W heating power and 662°F (350°C) maximum temperature. With a 2,000 milliliter capacity the integrated Magnetic Stirrer can rotate 100-1400 rotations per minute (rpm). This dual-controlled Magnetic Stirring Hot Plate also includes a 10-inch support stand for holding digital thermometers. The power is 110V.


Warning: This hot plate may cause severe burns and other serious injuries if not used correctly and with an abundance of caution. Follow all directions carefully. Operate only in a safe environment away from children, pets and other potential hazards. This product is laboratory equipment to be used by trained professionals only. It is not intended for children 18 years and younger.

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