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LPS20-13Z Hot Water Circulation Pump Automatic


Product Features

  • MULTIPLE USAGES - hot water heating systems, solar hot water systems, boosting for domestic water heater, air-conditioning and refrigeration circulating systems, circulating for rearing pond and fish bowl, closed industrial circulating systems, boosting for water supply and water tower.
  • HIGHLY EFFICIENT - High temperature resistance, anti-fraying, high efficiency, high flow, leak-tightness, low consumption.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Super silent, environmental protection, aesthetics, ease of installation.
  • AUTOMATIC SENSOR - Built-in high sensitive electronic sensors, the water flows when switch is open.
  • SUITABLE FOR MANY ENVIRONMENTS - Used in Suitable for city buildings, suburban villas, houses, water and pressurized with industrial equipment.

Product Information

Never wait for hot water again! This 260 Watt automatic circulation pump brought to you by Fristaden Lab is especially designed for heating systems and used to supply water. This hot water recirculating pump provides hot water at every faucet or shower on demand, and eliminates water waste. This hot water circulation pump With flange is easy to install on any water system and requires no additional plumbing or piping. The fantastic design of the pump creates a quiet, maintenance-free operation. The hot water circulation pump includes a built-in 24 hour, dual setting programmable timer to activate the pump only when needed. Circulating pumps are often used to circulate domestic hot water so that a faucet will provide hot water instantly upon demand, or (more conserving of energy) a short time after a user's request for hot water.

Product Details

Model: LPS20-13Z | Related Power: 260 Watts | G 1" DN20mm | QMax: 60 | HMax: 13(m) | Port to Space: 180 | Pump body: Cast iron Impeller | PP Motor housing: Aluminum | Rotor Can: Stainless Steel Motor wire | Copper Shaft: Ceramic/stainless | Steel Bearing : China/graphite | Insulation Class: F | Protection Class: IP44 | Liquid tTmp.:-10℃ to +110℃

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