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Fristaden Lab WN-4B Micro Centrifuge, 12 tube, 4,000rpm

  • $254.00

  • FIXED-SPEED mini centrifuge with a speed of 4000 rotations per minute, rotor stops when door is open for safety and specimen protection
  • RELIABLY houses a large rotor that supports up to 12 tubes holding up to 20mL of liquid each
  • LOW TEMPERATURE increase on samples due to high quality rotor and parts
  • TIMER included in design for precise experiments and rotor automatically stops upon door opening for added safety
  • TWO-YEAR WARRANTY and manufacturer's guarantee for the WN-4B Micro Centrifuge

The Best Quality and Lowest Price Micro Centrifuge

Designed by Fristaden Lab, this WN-4B model mini desktop centrifuge has a fixed rotation speed of 4000 rotations per minute. This centrifuge has a low rate of temperature increase due to a superior design. The WN-4B contains an impressive rotor that can hold 12 tubes at 20mL each.

Product Specifications

  • Design: Micro Centrifuge with Timer
  • Rotor capacity: Angel Rotor 20mL*12tubes
  • Speed: 4000rpm
  • Unit Dimensions: 280mm x 310mm x 265mm
  • Warranty: Two Year Manufacturer Guarantee

What’s Included

Fristaden Lab's WN-4B Micro Centrifuge has a Two Year Warranty including everything you need in a complete centrifuge system.

About Centrifuges

A centrifuge is used to spin fluids of different densities to separate various parts, commonly blood and DNA samples. Centrifuges are composed of the main body or housing and a spinning rotor. Tubes of cellular material suspended in liquid are inserted into the rotor and spun at various speeds to separate components. Centrifuges are used in medical, industrial, and research laboratories, as well as academic and clinical settings.

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