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Fristaden Lab Mini Centrifuge Meteor 4k/7.2K

Fristaden Lab Mini Centrifuge Meteor 4k/7.2K

  • $219.00

INTEGRATED DIRECT DRIVE spins at up to 7,200 rpm with a high relative centrifugal force and is designed for optimal efficiency in the lab.
AUTOMATIC SPEED CONTROL maintains the number of revolutions per minute safely and conveniently; shock absorber is specially designed in durable NBR rubber to help ensure low vibration.
DYNAMIC BRAKING SYSTEM stops the spin within 3 seconds after the cover is opened, and a free stop of 15 seconds when the cover is closed.
STREAMLINED BODY with clear polycarbonate dome cover and easy-to-clean, chemical-resistant ABS thermoplastic polymer rotor and casing.
ONE YEAR WARRANTY - This Mini Centrifuge Meteor 4K/7.2K has a one year warranty.

This Mini Centrifuge Meteor 4K/7.2K by Fristaden Lab is a compact model designed for versatile, everyday lab use. The powerful and efficient rotor spins your samples at up to 7,200 rpm within seconds and features automatic speed control. Dynamic braking helps stop the centrifuge quickly after the lid is opened.

Power Supply: 85V-264V, 50/60Hz| Speed: 4,000-7,200 rpm | Rotor: 8011154/8011154-2 | RCF: 810-3,260 xg | Maximum Capacity: 810-3,260 g | Acceleration: reaches 90% of speed within 5 seconds | Deceleration: within 3 seconds after cover is opened, within 15 seconds in free stop | Manufacturer: Fristaden Lab| Warranty: One Year Manufacturer

Fristaden Lab's Mini Centrifuge Meteor 4K/7.2K has a one year warranty.

A centrifuge is used to spin fluids of different densities to separate various parts, commonly blood and DNA samples. Centrifuges are composed of the main body or housing and a spinning rotor. Tubes of cellular material suspended in liquid are inserted into the rotor and spun at various speeds to separate components. Centrifuges are used in medical, industrial, and research laboratories, as well as academic and clinical settings.

This centrifuge may cause serious injuries if not used correctly with caution. Follow all directions carefully. Operate only in a safe environment away from children, pets and other potential hazards. This product is laboratory equipment to be used by trained professionals only. Not intended for children 18 years and younger.


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