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Fristaden Lab HJ-1 Magnetic Stirrer Mixer, 1000mL, 0-2000rpm

  • $74.00

  • ANALOG SPEED CONTROL: for constant and smooth speeds from 0 to 2000rpm.
  • LARGE CAPACITY: holds up to 1000mL of liquid volume.
  • EASY SET UP AND USE: including a free stir bar for immediate, fast use.
  • INDUSTRY STANDARD: used in chemistry, medicine, health, environmental protection, scientific and educational laboratories for stable and precise heating and mixing of liquids.
  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY: the Fristaden Lab HJ-1 Magnetic Stirrer has a one year warranty.

This Fristaden Lab HJ-1 model analog Magnetic Stirrer has a 0~2000rpm stirring speed. It can hold up to 1000mL. The unit can work for up to eight hours continuously. Magnetic Stirrers are used for mixing liquids evenly. Free stir bar included.

Product Specifications

  • Design: HJ-1 Magnetic Stirrer
  • Capacity: 1000mL
  • Speed: 0-2000rpm
  • Working Time: up to 8 Hours
  • Unit Dimensions: 160mm x 135mm x 70m
  • Unit Weight: 1.2kg
  • Warranty: One Year Manufacturer Guarantee

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