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Fristaden Lab Customizable Programmable Rotating Mixer TMM-5L

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PROGRAMMABLE, ADJUSTABLE MODES with 10 programs for rotation and mixing, as well as two additional custom programs with up to six segments per program. A large LCD indicator shows program parameters including speed and time.
DISCRETIONARY ANGLE of vertical rotation, from 0 to 360 degrees, for a variety of mixing conditions and requirements. Rotation speed is 0-99 rpm.
STANDARD RACK WITH HOLDERS that accommodate a variety of common tube sizes from 0.2ml to 50ml.
COMPACT FOOTPRINT is designed to take up little work space in the laboratory, with a 16.5" length. Compatible with cold rooms and incubators.
ONE YEAR WARRANTY this Rotating Mixer TMM-5L has a one year warranty.

Select from a wide variety of rotating speeds and tilt angles with this Rotating Mixer TMM-5L by Fristaden Lab. Rotation speed ranges from 0 to 99 rpm, and you can adjust the angle of the spinning rack from 0 to 360 degrees. It features 10 program options for rotation and mixing, which can be combined with two easy-to-create custom programs with six segments per program. The mixer accommodates a variety of tubes from 0.2ml to 50ml and is compatible with cold rooms.

Adapter: DC 12V, 1000mA
Rotation Speed: 1-99 rpm
Environment Temperature: 4°-65° C
Relative Humidity: 80% at 20° C
Length: 16.5" (42cm)
Rack Holders: 10mm-12.5mm diameter tubes (2 each), 16mm-16.5mm diameter tubes (8 each) and 29mm-29.5mm diameter tubes (2 each)
Warranty: One Year Manufacturer

Fristaden Lab’s Rotating Mixer TMM-5L has a one year warranty. Included: Main body, standard rack with holders.

In the lab, a rotating mixer tumbles lab samples at a variety of speeds and tilt angles, for a variety of applications including mixing and keeping specimens in suspension. The rack accommodates a variety of vial sizes.


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