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Fristaden Lab Analog Heating Mantle 1000mL

  • $174.00

  • LARGE CAPACITY - Fristaden Lab Analog Magnetic Stirring Heating Mantle has a large 1000mL Capacity
  • HEATING POWER - 350W, hot plate maximum temperature: 380℃
  • INTEGRATED MAGNETIC STIRRER - with a 0-1400rpm stirring Speed
  • CERTIFIED - CE and ISO 9001 certified
  • WORRY-FREE - a full one year Warranty 


This Fristaden Lab 1000mL, analog Magnetic Stirring Heating Mantle's, with dual stirring and heating, can work continuously up to four hours. The Heating Mantle has a 380℃ max. temperature and a 350W heating power. The Magnetic Stirrer's stirring speed is 0-1400rpm. This design features alkali-free glass fiber insulation and a nickel-chromium alloy resistance wire in a hemispherical internal heater. The power supply is 220V/50Hz. A free 4.6cm Stir Bar is included. One Year Manufacturer Warranty. CE and ISO 9001 Certified. Unit Dimensions: 260cm x 200cm. Mantle Depth: 90cm. Unit Weight: 4kg.


Volume: 1000mL | Heating Mode: Up to 4 Hours | Revolutions Per Minute: 0-1400 |
Max. Temperature: 380℃ | Heating Power: 350W | Stir Bar: 4.6cm | Unit Dimensions: 260cm x 200cm | Mantle Depth: 9cm | Unit Weight: 4kg | Warranty: One Year Manufacturer

Warning: This heating mantle may cause severe burns and other serious injuries if not used correctly and with an abundance of caution. Follow all directions carefully. Operate only in a safe environment away from children, pets and other potential hazards. This product is laboratory equipment to be used by trained professionals only. It is not intended for children 18 years and younger.


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