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Fristaden Lab 79-1 Analog Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate Mixer, 1,000mL, 0~2000RPM

  • $137.00

  • ANALOG SPEED CONTROL for constant and smooth speeds of up to 2000rpm.
  • LARGE CAPACITY round plate for vessel holds up to 1000mL.
  • EASY SET UP comes with all parts needed to start mixing and heating samples immediately out of the box.
  • INDUSTRY STANDARD used in chemistry, medicine, health, environmental protection, scientific and educational laboratories for stable and precise heating and mixing of liquids.
  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY and manufacturer's guarantee for the 78-1 Magnetic Stirrer with Heating.

The Best Quality and Lowest Price Magnetic Stirrer with Heating

Designed by Fristaden Lab, this 78-1 model analog Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate independently controls temperature and stirring speed. The round plate for vessel, can hold up to 1000mL, has 150W heating power and 250°C maximum temperature. The integrated Magnetic Stirrer can rotate 0~2000rpm. These stirrers are designed for general laboratory use to heat and mix liquids simultaneously.

Product Specifications

  • Design: Analog Magnetic Stirrer with Heating
  • Volume: 1000mL
  • Speed: 0-2000rpm
  • Heating Power: 150W
  • Max. Temperature: 250°C
  • Unit Dimensions: 170mm x 240mm x 125mm
  • Unit Weight: 2.3kg
  • Warranty: One Year Manufacturer Guarantee

About Magnetic Stirrers

A lab stirrer mixes substances for a variety of academic, research, or industrial applications such as solutions in chemistry, biology, food and beverage production.

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