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Digital Thermostatic Water Bath, Single Chamber, 10-100°C, 1200W - Fristaden Lab

Digital Thermostatic Water Bath, Single Chamber, 10-100°C, 300W

  • $189.00

Design: Digital Thermostatic Water Bath
Brand: JoanLab® by Fristaden Lab
No. Chambers: 1
Capacity: 3.3L
Temperature Range: 10-100°C
Distinguishability: 0.1°C
Heating Power: 300W
Power Supply: 220V/50Hz
Unit Dimensions: 220mm x 220mm x 130mm
Unit Weight: 3kg
Warranty: One Year Manufacturer

Designed by JoanLab®, this single-chamber, digital Thermostatic Water Bath has a 10-100°C temperature control range and 0.1°C distinguishability. The power is 300W. The 160mm x 160mm x 130mm interior chamber, which can hold a maximum of 3.3L, is designed without joints or welds as to eliminate rust, corrosion and leakage and to enable easy cleaning. Both the interior liner and the top cover are made from high-quality, anti-corrosion stainless steel. A double-row blue LED display features bright, legible digital numbers for easy programming. The power supply is 220V/50Hz. This Thermostatic Water Bath has a One Year Manufacturer Warranty. The unit dimensions are 220mm x 220mm x 130mm and the unit weight is 3kg.

Warning: This Thermostatic Water Bath may cause severe burns and other serious injuries if not used correctly and with an abundance of caution. Follow all directions carefully. Operate only in a safe environment away from children, pets and other potential hazards. This product is laboratory equipment to be used by trained professionals only. It is not intended for children 18 years and younger.

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