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Digital Temperature, Humidity and Air Pressure Data Logger

Digital Temperature, Humidity and Air Pressure Data Logger

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Air Pressure:
     Measurement Range: 300 to 1100 hPa
     Accuracy(Typ.): ±1.5hPa
     Resolution(Typ.): 0.1hPa
     Measurement Range: 0-100%RH
     Accuracy(Typ.): ±3%RH
     Resolution(Typ.): 0.1%RH
     Measurement Range: -35 to 80°C
     Accuracy(Typ.): ±0.3°C
     Resolution(Typ.): 0.1°C

Sensor Location: Internal
LCD: Support
Memory Capacity: 64KBytes or 31,998 Readings
Sample Rate: 2 Seconds to 24 Hours
PC Software: DGraph, USB Driver Required (Included in CD)
Power Supply: User Replaceable 1/2AA 3.6V Lithium Battery,1200mAh
Battery Life: Approx.2 Years at a 1 Minute Sample Rate
Unit Dimensions: 139mm×37mm×23mm

This portable Data Logger automatically measures and stores air pressure, humidity and temperature data. The USB interface allows for easy set up and data downloads to Windows PCs, where the data can be reviewed, analyzed and exported to other file formats (including txt, xls, cvs, bmp and jpg). This Data Logger features a LCD display, as well as flashing LED status, alarm and status indications. It includes a replaceable lithium battery, which can last up to two years. The data is will not be deleted if the battery dies. One Year Manufacturer Warranty.

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