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Digital Paint Coating Thickness Gauge EC-770

Digital Paint Coating Thickness Gauge EC-770

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Model: EC-770
Probes: F-Probe, N-Probe
Measuring Principle: Magnetic Induction, Eddy Current
Measuring Range: 0 to 1300um (0 to 51.18mils)
Accuracy: ±(3%+2um)
Resolution: 0um~999um(1um); 1000um~1300um(0.01mm)
Calibration: 1-4 Points, 0-Point
Data Group: 1 Direct Group (readings not stored), 4 General Group (readings stored automatically)
Stats: No. of Readings, Mean, Minimum, Maximum and Standard Deviation
Units: um, mm, mils
Alarm: High/Low Alarm l=Limit, Displayed When Limit Exceeded
Min. Curvature Radius Convex: 1.5mm
Min. Curvature Radius Concave: 25mm
Min. Measuring Area Diameter: 5mm
Min. Thickness of Substrate: F-Probe: 0.5mm, N-Probe: 0.3mm
Max. Measure Rate: Readings Per Second
Computer Interface: Download Data via USB Interface; Support PC Analysis Software
Power: 2 x 1.5V AAA Battery
Operation Environment Temperature: 0-40℃; Humidity: 20-90%
Unit Dimensions: 110mm*53mm*24mm
This Digital Paint Coating Thickness Gauge features a F-Probe and N-Probe. It can measure magnetic induction and eddy current automatically or by selection. The two measurement modes are single and continuous. Readings are taken in direct and general modes, with each mode capable of storing up to 80 readings. Readings can be recalled and deleted individually and in groups. The digital, LCD display features standard menu options, as well as low battery and error indicators. Data is transferred via USB interface. One Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Included: 1 Coating Thickness Gauge, 1 Aluminium Substrate, 5 Standard Foil, 1 USB Cable, 2 1.5V AAA Battery and 1 User Manual.

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