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3-Liter Liquid Nitrogen Container

  • $274.00

  • FULL STORAGE - Liquid Nitrogen bottle of 3 liter capacity is presented by JoanLab® and distributed by Fristaden Lab
  • HOLDS CONTENTS UP TO 28 DAYS - With vanishing rate of 90 to 115 grams per day, it can hold its contents for 28 days
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY - Protected with double walled thermal fence insulation along with extra thick aluminum alloy sheet
  • PACKED WITH FEATURES - protective jacket and 3 canisters with 1liquid Nitrogen bottle
  • WORRY-FREE GUARANTEE -12 months of full product protection


Designed by JoanLab®, this Liquid Nitrogen Container is equipped with a double-walled thermal barrier insulation and a high-density aluminum alloy plate. This 3-Liter Liquid Nitrogen Container has a 28-day holding time, with a evaporation rate of 90-115g/day. In addition to the empty Liquid Nitrogen Container, you will receive three canisters and a free protective jacket. JoanLab, the manufacturer, provides a One Year Warranty. The container's empty weight is 3.1kg; the full weight is 5.5kg. The unit dimensions are as follows: Unit Height: 452mm. Outer Diameter: 224mm. Neck Diameter: 50mm. Canister dimensions: 35mm x 110mm.


Capacity: 3 Liters | Holding Time: 28 Days | Evaporation Rate: 90-115g/day | No. Canisters: Three (Dimensions: 35mm x 110mm) | Empty Weight: 3.1kg | Full Weight: 5.5kg | Unit Dimensions: 452mm (Height), 224mm (Outer Diameter), 50mm (Neck Diameter) | Included: Empty Container, 3 Canisters, Free Protective Jacket | Warranty: One Year Manufacturer


Warning: This product is an empty Liquid Nitrogen Container only. It does not contain any liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen, when in contact with skin, may cause severe burns. It should be handled correctly and carefully, including wearing necessary protective wear. Follow all directions carefully. Operate only in a safe environment away from children, pets and other potential hazards. It is not intended for children 18 years and younger.

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