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SH-3 Analog Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer, 3L Volume, 350°C, 500W

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Product Description

This JoanLab SH-3 Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate's dual controls independently control temperature and stirring speed allowing for more precise results. The 170mm by 170mm hot plate, can hold up to 3,000mL, has 500W heating power and 350°C maximum temperature. The aluminum plate enables even heat disbursement.

The conveniently integrated magnetic stirrer has a 100~1600rpm speed range and a strong magnetic field to hold the stir bar firmly in place. The SH-3 can work continuously up to 4 hours at high speed and 8 hours on low with a liquid heating time of 20-30 minutes. The product has a one year manufacturer-backed warranty.


Model: SH-3
Brand: JoanLab  
Capacity: 3000mL 
Stirring Speed: 100-1600rpm
Temperature: 49°C-350°C
Heating Power: 500W
Heating Time: 20-30min
Usage: 4 hours low speed, 8 hours high speed
Voltage: 110V, 50/60Hz
Hot Plate Dimensions: 170mm x 170mm
Unit Dimensions: 260mm x 170mm x 125mm
Unit Weight: 3kg
Warranty: 1 Year

Included: JoanLab SH-3 base magnetic stirrer hot plate, 320mm thermometer holder, 25mm stir bar, extra fuse, power cord and user manual.

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About Magnetic Stirrers

Magnetic stirrers, also called magnetic mixers, are commonly used in medical, industrial and academic laboratories for mixing liquids. Magnetic stirrers contain built-in magnetic fields. As the magnetic stirrer rotates, a magnetic stir bar, often placed in a beaker of liquid, is forced to spin quickly. Magnetic stirrers are popular because they're often faster, quieter and more sanitary and durable than motor-driven and manual stirrers.

Disclaimer: This product is laboratory equipment to be used by trained professionals only. It is not intended for children 18 years and younger.

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