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Neubauer Hemacytometer Double Cell Counting Chamber

  • $32.00

Design: Double Chamber Neubaurer Hemacytometer
Features: High-Light Transmission
Chambers: 2
Cover Slips: 2 20mm x 26mm
Cover Slip Distance from Chamber: 0.1mm
Unit Dimensions: 77mm x 38mm
Unit Weight: 40.3g
Materials: Glass

Designed by JoanLab®, this reusable Neubauer Hemacytometer has two chambers for counting blood cells. Two, free 20mm x 26mm cover slips are also included. The cover slips are held 0.1mm above the counting chamber. The glass design has high-light transmission for easy visibility. Unit Dimensions: 77mm x 38mm. Unit Weight: 40.3g. Materials: Glass.

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