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Multi-Channel Volume Control Pipette 50-300 UL - Fristaden Lab

Multi-Channel Volume Control Pipette 50-300 UL

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Design: Multi-Channel Variable Manual Volume Control Pipette (50-300ul)
Brand: JoanLab® Sold By Fristaden
Features: 8 Channels
Accuracy: 0.6µL
Precision: 50µL
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer
Dimensions: 300 mm by 82 mm by 45 mm
Weight: 73 g

Designed by JoanLab®, sold by Fristaden Lab, this Eight Channel Pipette has a manual volume control to accurately measure and dispense liquids. It features a continuous, adjustable pump speed, as well as a volume display, which reflects the device's 50-300µL capacity. This Pipette has been quality control tested and calibrated to ISO 9001 Standards for Precision and Accuracy. The Pipette's accuracy and precision are 0.6µL and 50µL respectively. Unit Dimensions: 300mm by 82mm by 45mm. Unit Weight: 73g. A One Year Manufacturer Warranty.

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