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Brass Resonance Bowl

  • $119.00

Design: Resonance Bowl or Chinese Sprouting Bowl
Use: Education, Experimentation, Lab Supplies
Height: 14cm
Diameter: 38cm
Material: Brass
Warranty: One Year Manufacturer

Dating back to the Han Dynasty (202 B.C. - A.D. 9), Resonance Bowls, also known as Chinese Sprouting Bowls, can demonstrate the behavior of waves. To use, rub your hands back and forth along the handles. The handle's vibrations will cause the water to "sprout up", hence the object's name. Watch the water jet up or ripple around the rim as you experiment with the vibrations. For best results, wash your hands with soap before use and place the bowl on a soft, but flat surface. This brass Resonance Bowl, designed by JoanLab®, is 14cm tall and 38cm in diameter. It weights 1.75kg. One Year Manufacturer Warranty Included.

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